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Sugar Baby
A financially desperate young actress in New York engages in mutually beneficial relationships that ultimately make her question how far she will go to get what she wants.
We're Doing Good!
In this five part web series Miles (Jonathan Braylock, ASTRONOMY CLUB) and Nora (Emily Pendergast, VEEP) do their best to be better people -- with disastrous results.
Brownsville Bred
Set in 1980's Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY--A spunky Latina must find her own path as she comes of age to face the grim realities of the musician father she once idolized and the deteriorating neighborhood she calls home.
Recently fired, two naive best friends stumble their way through a series of odd jobs, wrestling with their ineptitude in an attempt to ward off a life of routine.
Mt. Mystic Rangers
Interim Lieutenant Joshua McMahon leads a unit of misfit Park Rangers as he attempts to escape the alleged deadly curse that plagues the mysterious and unpredictable Mt. Mystic State Park.
Camp Greenwood
A ~magical~ cabin traps six toxic strangers within its property line, where it will keep them until they learn to accept themselves and each other…
In a satirical comedy where "The Real Housewives" meets "Big Love", the sister wives of Prophet Josiah Manhood navigate polygamy in the Instagram age.
A tender, raunchy, and queer exploration of female pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction that follows a woman struggling with vaginismus as she tries to connected with her sexuality through rushed and reckless intimacy and vigorous EMDR trauma therapy.
Episodic Series Q&A
Episodic Pilot
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Lee Sipos is in a rut: she's still paying off student loans, her waitressing job involves frequent customer harassment, her roommates are abandoning her to live a more lavish lifestyle, and her physically-disabled father has run into some trouble with the law. Not to mention, she's attempting to pull off an acting career. When all of the above elements collide, Lee has to get herself back on her feet. What is at first born out of sheer curiosity, soon becomes her reality: sugar babying. As the season unfolds, Lee, gets swept up in her double-life. All types of wealthy characters wine and dine her - and not always the stereotypical business men one might expect. At first, Lee enjoys the experience: she's an actor performing. Lee proves to be relatively cunning in the profession, sometimes scoring big allowances and dodging dangerous situations with Daddies. Everything seems to take a turn for the better when Lee meets The Producer, a mysterious and allegedly successful Hollywood tycoon. He promises to help Lee, not only financially, but with her acting career as well. When Lee becomes ensnared in an emotionally and sexually abusive relationship with The Producer, she must call for help from the unlikely heroes throughout the season to pull her out of a precarious situation and get her back on her feet.

  • Runtime
    64 minutes
  • Director
    Sophia Conger, Rebecca Dearden
  • Screenwriter
    Sophia Conger, Rebecca Dearden
  • Producer
    Tyler Ben-Amotz, Sophia Conger, Rebecca Dearden, Keely Bochicchio-Sipos
  • Executive Producer
    Kevin Breznahan, Tyler Ben-Amotz, Whitney Dearden, Samantha Smith
  • Cast
    Keely Bochicchio-Sipos, Joshua Andres Rivera, Kevin Breznahan, Amiyah Scott, LaVora Perry, Eleanor Pearson, Joey Leberer
  • Cinematographer
    Jordyn Gatti
  • Editor
    Samantha Smith
  • Production Design
    Lily Harir
  • Composer
    Tied, Evan Dibbs, Keely Bochicchio-Sipos
  • Sound Design
    Brian Goodheart, AGE Post
  • Music
    Brian Goodheart, AGE Post