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Lane Five
A young woman is thrust into action when her father with Alzheimer’s suddenly vanishes from the house when her back is turned.
Morning Chores
A high schooler has morning chores to do, and feeding Grandma is one of them.
The Devil Will Run
A young boy is convinced that the Devil lives in a hole in his backyard. Can he find the courage to face down his fear?
In the Balance
After making a groundbreaking discovery in the scientific community, Dr. Marie Mitchell and his assistant, Jonathon Meyers face a moral dilemma, proving that not every breakthrough is a blessing.
The Hysteresis Loop
As Ethan Casey plays a mysterious reel to reel tape a voice accurately recounts the events of his entire life, past, present and curiously his future. As the date of Ethan's death is heard the tape breaks. He must decide to fix the tape and attempt to alter his future or leave it. Neither of which may be possible.
Say Again?
A micro short comedy where gestures during a COVID-19 masked conversation get a bit out of hand.
Days Counted
A prisoner recounts his horrific crime from years ago as he's being visited by a ghost from his past.
Champagne for One
A woman who knows what she brings to the table is not afraid to eat (or drink) alone. She must embrace the small moments and life's little pleasures...despite what others may think of her choices.
When two dessert bar employees' plans to hook their friends up on a blind date go sour, only one magical beverage could possibly make their romance sweet.
One @ a Time
Getting back out there after divorce is difficult, especially when you are the one standing in your way.
A white supremacist investigates the mysterious disappearance of his mother.
Borrowers & Lenders
After losing $20,000 in a dog fight, a lone shark forces Jay to murder a waitress to repay his debt.
Rayleigh Scattering
On a final road trip across the country, two friends attempt to create joyful memories together as they grapple with saying goodbye.
Sheet Music
Adryan and J.C. face anxiety and question themselves as artists moments before a big performance at a nightclub in 1930’s Harlem.
Ten by Ten
After appearing on one of South Korea’s most popular television programs, an American-Korean couple must adjust to the shock of their newfound tv fame and the crowds of new customers it brings to the Tennessee-themed diner they operate from their home.
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Lost Art
When the Soviet Union collapses, an enterprising art teacher imports thousands of Russian paintings to rural Tennessee. After years of collecting, his own mortality comes to the forefront and he must decide how to handle the unknown value and future of his expansive collection.
Amid the backdrop of the Nashville skate scene, a group of skaters, bladers, and riders illustrate the love and passion for their craft and recount the moments they've held on to their community the closest.
Avi Visits the Court of the King
All the World's His Stage
A southern mom's life is all shook up when her ten year old daughter claims to be the reincarnation of rock and roll.
Hi Tech Service
A poetic portrait of Music City's beloved stereo repair shop during its final week.
Urban Retail Space Available
A dreamlike monochrome journey through Nashville’s rapidly changing urban landscape.
Last Train
"Beginning in the Woods, Ending in a Hollow Tree"
An ocean scientist encounters his childhood hermit crab friend in a bathroom, minutes before his big speech at an environmental conference.
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An ocean scientist encounters his childhood hermit crab friend in a bathroom, minutes before his big speech at an environmental conference.

  • Runtime
    11 minutes
  • Director
    Jonathan Becker, Anthony Pitsilos
  • Screenwriter
    Written for the screen by Ian Battaglia, Jonathan Becker & Anthony Pitsilos; Based on the short story by Nathaniel Rich
  • Producer
    Anthony Pitsilos
  • Cast
    Mike Schminke, Ron E. Rains
  • Cinematographer
    Brandon Hoeg, Mark Irion
  • Editor
    Gordon Glenn
  • Animator
    Gavin Wright
  • Production Design
    Maggie O'Brien, Caymen Sheets
  • Composer
    Kevin Hamilton
  • Sound Design
    Adam Carl